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Biology/Chemistry 475 •  Fall 2014

Wednesdays 4:00-5:00 p.m. • SC 204

Coordinator: Dr. Jeff Jankowski (e-mail:

Student presenter

Seminar provides an opportunity for all students majoring in Biology, Biochemistry or Chemistry to gain practical experience in verbally communicating scientific information. All of our students are required to perform original research either as part of a class, an independent study or a summer program. The weekly seminar series is the chance to share that work with our local scientific community.

North Central students are required to register for Seminar three times, which don't need to be consecutive. The first two times you are considered to be a "participant" and will register for zero credits. You may substitute CHM190/BIO290/BIO291 ACCA seminar for one of these two required zero-credit seminars. The third time that you register for Seminar, you will register for one credit and are a "presenter." That is your chance to tell your peers about your work, why it is important and what was learned.

Both participants and presenters should read the Seminar guidelines, which explain the expectations for seminar and how you will be graded. Presenters should also see the presentation tips.


DateSpeakerTitle (click links for abstracts)
17 Sep 2014 Orientation for Presenters and Observers