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Biology/Chemistry 475
Fall 2015  •  Mondays 4:00-5:00 p.m. • Library 11
Coordinator: Dr. Jon Visick (

Student presenter

Biology, Biochemistry and Chemistry students do research as part of their major requirements and present their results in our interdisciplinary seminar (BIO/CHM 475).

You will take the seminar course three times. The first two times, you are a participant and register for zero credits (see participant syllabus).

After completing a research project (see presenter syllabus to learn more about the kinds of research projects that can be presented), you register as a presenter for one credit and present your results during that term.

Seminar is offered every term and meets one hour once a week on Monday afternoons. Students of any level can take the course as participants, and any student may attend individual seminars without being registered for the course.

DateSpeakerTitle (click links for abstracts)
28 Sep 2015 Obaid Khurram (Physics '13)
Biomedical Engineering, Mayo Graduate School
16 Nov 2015 Dr. Nick Cianciotto
Microbiology & Immunology, Northwestern University
Dr. Cianciotto's lab site