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Biology/Chemistry 475
Spring 2016  •  Mondays 4:00-5:00 p.m. • Library 11
Coordinator: Dr. Jen Sallee (

Student presenter

Biology, Biochemistry and Chemistry students do research as part of their major requirements and present their results in our interdisciplinary seminar (BIO/CHM 475).

You will take the seminar course three times. The first two times, you are a participant and register for zero credits (see participant syllabus).

After completing a research project (see presenter syllabus to learn more about the kinds of research projects that can be presented), you register as a presenter for one credit and present your results during that term.

Seminar is offered every term and meets one hour once a week on Monday afternoons. Students of any level can take the course as participants, and any student may attend individual seminars without being registered for the course.

DateSpeakerTitle (click links for abstracts)
28 Mar 2016 Ms. Jessica Kremp
North Central College
Tasmanian Devil Relocation Evaluation: Scat Analysis of Devil Diet
04 Apr 2016 Ms. Erin Smigla
North Central College
The infralimbic cortex and reinstatement in rats
  Mr. Nicholas Paris
North Central College
Measuring Vitamin C in Fruit Juice by Voltammetry with Standard Addition
11 Apr 2016 Ms. Jackie Pfaff
North Central College
Emodin, a chemical found in invasive European Buckthorn (Rhamnus cathartica), and its effects on the susceptibility of amphibian embryos to water mold pathogens
  Ms. Tiara Sondgeroth
North Central College
Longitudinal study on arthropod communities in response to prescribed burns at two local forest preserves.
18 Apr 2016 Ms. Marie Butnariu
North Central College
A Baseline Study for North Central College's Prairie Restoration Project: Physical and Chemical Traits of Plots behind Benedetti-Wehrli Stadium
  Mr. Bryan Mills
North Central College
Study on the effects of bioisosteric replacement in methionine on E. coli
25 Apr 2016 Ms. Mandy Williams
North Central College
An Examination of Trace Elements Using Inductively Coupled Plasma- Optical Emission Spectroscopy (ICP-OES) as a Standard of Urban Pond Health at North Central College
  Ms. Nicole Barclay
North Central College
Development of an HPLC Method for the Separation of Benzyl Acetate
02 May 2016 Ms. Kirsten Coffman
Mayo Graduate School, Department of Biomedical Engineering and Physiology
The effect of pulmonary vascular pressure on gas exchange during exercise in young healthy adults
09 May 2016 Mr. Ian Braun
North Central College
Isomerization of Linker-Region Proline in RcsB as a Regulator of Function
  Mr. Adam Lundquist
North Central College
PEPA and glutamate: the role of infralimbic AMPA receptors in diminishing cue-induced drug seeking
16 May 2016 Ms. Basia Reed
North Central College
Frequency-dependent transmission of Nasonia vitripennis parasitism
  Ms. Amanda Gatto
North Central College
Restoring North Central Collegeís Prairie Site: A Baseline Analysis of Chemical and Physical Properties of Soil for Restoration Approach
23 May 2016 Mr. Brian Harrison
North Central College
Analyzing spore coat formation mechanisms through mutation in the cotH gene of understudied bacteria species
  Mr. Nick Tarvin
North Central College