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Ten North Central College students attended a symposium at The Neuroscience Center in Deerfield, IL. The Neuroscience Center works with patients with a variety psychiatric and neurological conditions (e.g., depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and traumatic brain injury) and uses cutting edge techniques to diagnose and treat their patients (e.g., brain SPECT imaging, EEG, TMS, and neurofeedback).



Dr. Best explaining Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation



Dr Pavel explains brain spect — at The Neuroscience Center LLC.




"So you think you want to go to graduate school...Now what?"

Dr. Leila Azarbad recently gave a talk on this topic, and you can view her PowerPoint slides by clicking this link.





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Welcome to Psychology at North Central College!



To Dr. Leila Azarbad, winner of the 2013 Dissinger Award for Junior Faculty for teaching excellence. Well deserved!



Welcome: To Dr. Margaret (Maggie) Gill, our new Assistant Professor of Neuroscience. Dr. Gill will be teaching the core courses that are part of our new minor in neuroscience. She received her Ph.D. in neuroscience from Kansas State University, and her B.A. from Luther College. We are very excited that Dr. Gill will join us in the fall.

Leaving: Sadly, Dr. Heather Coon is leaving us, as she says, "to join my mother in business. I'll be running an independent bookkeeping business in the great state of Maine, and looking to leverage my teaching background to work closely with clients to set up and run accounting software for their businesses." We will miss you!

Congratulations: To Dr. Nicole Rivera who was selected to fill our full-time, three-year position. Nicole has been an active member of the Department for five years.




Brady, Sean ('14), Baumgartner, Nicholas ('14), & Eby, Samantha ('14). (2013). Mood-congruent recall in autobiographically induced emotional states. Proceedings of the National Conference on Undergraduate Research 2013, 833-840.




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